I am Mr Rajesh and along with my secretary Dina will provide clarity and confidence in your health insurance coverage – addressing all aspects of spine care, from consultations to surgeries.

We simplify the insurance nuances for you – to get you fully informed and confident in your coverage for your Back and Neck pain.

Open Referral Network

I am on an “Open Referral” Network with all the insurance companies. Open Referral means that I am a well recognised Consultant Spine Surgeon in London who is registered to provide expert care for patients with Back and Neck pain in London.

Fee Assured Consultant

As a fully registered “Fee Assured” Consultant Spine Surgeon in London, I am required to bill the insurance company according to their guidelines on payment. This ensures that there are no unexpected or excess charges at the end of your treatment.



Insurance process

It is very helpful to understand the process that is involved in the treatment of your condition through insurance cover. 

The Insurance company will provide patients with a list of Consultant Spine Surgeons in their area that they can choose from to have their first consultation.

Patients normally look at the reviews for each Consultant on the list and make their own choice

They contact Dina (my secretary) to make an appointment with me at their choice of time, date and place.

Patients get a Consultation letter with details of further plans for the next step in the treatment – usually a recommendation for an MRI scan. This letter is most helpful for patients to get further authorisation for an MRI scan / treatment

Dina will coordinate further follow Up appointments with the scan results and take them through all the steps necessary for further treatment. This includes arranging Spine Injections / surgery as recommended.

Tailored Support

With our team, you get personalised assistance in managing your spine health insurance:

Direct Insurance Liaison: My secretary Dina works on your behalf to communicate with insurance companies, ensuring your spine care needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Transparent Financial Planning: We provide a clear breakdown of potential out-of-pocket costs, helping you understand the financial aspect of your spine health care without surprises.

Insurance Affiliations

Spine Surgeon London is authorised by all major Insurance companies. We accept all major Insurance referrals.