Ease Your Neck Pain: Quick Exercises for Relief

Neck pain is a frequent issue that can arise from various sources, ranging from poor sleep posture to more complex conditions like cervical stenosis or arthritis. Not only can neck pain disrupt your day, but it can also hinder your work productivity. Fortunately, there are targeted exercises you can perform at your desk or home that offer quick relief. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore practical exercises to help mitigate neck pain.

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Lumbar Facet Joint Injection for Back Pain

Facet joint injection is a procedure performed under intravenous sedation. This is a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid used to reduce the pain and inflammation around the small joints in your back called the facet joint.

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Facet Joint Injection for Neck Pain

Facet joint injection is recommended for control of your severe neck pain. Inflammation caused by the wear and tear of your spine produces chemicals around your small joints of your spine called the ‘facet joint’.

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Why does my fingers go numb?

Numbness of the fingers is usually caused by injury, irritation or compression of the nerves the supply the sensation to those fingers. Causes - prolapsed disc in the neck, wear and tear (arthritis) of the neck or a ‘pinched nerve’ in the neck.

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Why do you get Neck pain from Sleeping?

Two in three of us suffer from neck pain. Neck pain from sleeping is a common problem in most people as your neck can be put in a lot of different positions during your sleep

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Spine surgeon Consultation – What can you ask?

Spine surgeon consultation starts with a careful look at your neck and back problems and the events that led to your current situation. The way we encourage you to describe your symptoms gives us a fairly good idea of your problem.

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