Ease Your Neck Pain: Quick Exercises for Relief

Neck pain is a frequent issue that can arise from various sources, ranging from poor sleep posture to more complex conditions like cervical stenosis or arthritis. Not only can neck pain disrupt your day, but it can also hinder your work productivity. Fortunately, there are targeted exercises you can perform at your desk or home that offer quick relief. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore practical exercises to help mitigate neck pain.

Instant Neck pain relief exercises | Mangattil Rajesh | Spine Surgeon London

Instant relief for Back pain at Home

Sometimes back pain strikes suddenly without any warning. Here are 5 tips for Instant relief of Low Back pain during the actual painful episode. Follow these tips and you will find that you have instant control of your back pain.

5 Tips for Instant Control of Back pain | Mangattil Rajesh | Spine Surgeon London |