Spine surgeon Consultation – What can you ask?

Spine surgeon consultation starts with a careful look at your neck and back problems and the events that led to your current situation. The way we encourage you to describe your symptoms gives us a fairly good idea of your problem.

Back pain Consultation with Face Mask | Mangattil Rajesh | Spine Surgeon London |

Sacro-iliac joint Injection for Back pain

Sacroiliac joint Injection is a small procedure that is very useful to control back and leg pain performed under local or intravenous sedation. This Sacroiliac joint injection helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.

Sacroiliac joint Injection for Back pain | Mangattil Rajesh | Spinesurgeon London|

Physiotherapy for Back pain

Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals in who use a wide range of techniques to manage your back pain and also to prevent recurrence of back pain in them.