Medico-Legal Reporting

Mr Rajesh provides Medico-legal reports in the role of a medical expert  in civil law claims for personal injury or medical negligence. He has 12 years experience in this area on Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery and 8 years experience in Spine surgery. He is aware of:

    • Part 35 of the Civil procedure rules
    • Civil Justice Council 2014 advice
    • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges report 2019

He is also trained in writing excellent Medical-Legal reports and his reports are concise, clear and independent. It is consistent, well-presented, court-complaint and can withstand cross-examination.

Contact Mr Rajesh for Medicolegal Reporting

Here at Spine Surgeon, we have both Online and Direct Consultations for Medicolegal Reporting. If you wish to avail a consultation:

Whatsapp or text me on: 07956 381 383
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