Clinic Consultations

What happens during a clinic consultation?

This is similar to a Video Consultation. Each new patient consultation session last for 30 minutes with a follow up session for 15 minutes. Each session follows a structured process to ensure efficiency and safety.



We introduce to each other by confirming you name, age and occupation.

Presenting Complaint

This is what you tell us – the current problem that you are concerned about and what prompted you to book the appointment.

History of Presenting Complaint

This is get more information on your current problem. For example in a back pain problem, Mr Rajesh will ask about the site of the pain, when it started, how long was the duration of pain, is the pain associated with any leg pain, pins and needles or numbness, what makes your pain better or worse and finally how bad is your pain on the score of 1-10.

Past Medical History

Details of your relevant past medical problems will be very useful to ensure that the treatment is safe. For example, if you are taking any blood thinning medications or have diabetes, it is very important that we plan your treatment accordingly.

Clinical Examination

This follows a sequence with a General examination, Neurological examination and Special Tests.

Review of Blood Reports

If there are any blood reports, these will be looked at carefully.

Review of X-rays & Scans

All scans will be reviewed with you and the features and findings explained to you.

Discussion of Diagnosis

The diagnosis and further management options will be discussed and a definitive plan will be made and documented.

How to schedule a Clinic Consultation

Whatsapp or Text: 07956 381 383


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