Physiotherapy for Back & Neck pain

Instant relief from debilitating back pain

Physiotherapy for back pain and neck pain (or) Spine Physiotherapy is a set of specific exercises and stretch routines that improve the smooth movement and function of the muscles of the spine.  It helps you reduce the pain of your back and neck and get you back to normal function and reduces the risk of injuring your spine again.

Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, health and fitness. It ensures speedy recovery after surgery.

Mr. Rajesh takes care to assure every patient of his to receive comfort and warmth post-surgeries. He makes sure the physiotherapy brings instant control and recovery after the surgery.


30-90 minutes.
Advice & Rehabilitation


You will feel the difference in your pain and movement after every session!


Starts from £150

Spine Physiotherapy Services

Depending on the physical examination and other test results, Mr. Rajesh may suggest and provide one or more of the following:

  • A programme of specific exercises according to the pain or surgery.
  • General advice on increasing your activity level and avoiding exercise-related injuries
  • Pain-relief treatments such as heat or ice packs
  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machines, massage, manipulation, acupuncture or taping
  • Providing walking aids or splints to help you stay mobile and independent.
  • Massages that helps relax the muscles and make joint movement more comfortable, and pain-less.

Recent Reviews about London Spine Surgeon Mr Mangattil Rajesh


Mr Rajesh was excellent and I count myself very fortunate that he is my consultant surgeon. I could not have asked for a more courteous and professional experience. I could not fault anything. Mr Rajesh was very professional he explained everything in detail on all my visits. From initial consultation to post op Mr Rajesh took care of everything.

Dr Bhav Gami

Thank you so much to Mr Rajesh for helping my father when he was an inpatient at the height of the pandemic. Mr Rajesh is an amazing surgeon and was very informative, thorough and professional. Luckily my father was not infected with Covid 19 despite being an inpatient for 6 weeks.

Kemal Ykm

Dr Mangattil Rajesh is my hero he has helped me a great deal with my fractured back after a car accident. My recovery has improved significantly ever since he took on my case with regular consultations and real talk. He knows his stuff so I trust him with every decision we make together Lore Epsom.

Benefits of Spine Physiotherapy

Lasting relief from pain:

Spine physiotherapy improves the tone and strength of your back. It helps with developing the core strength and stability. All physiotherapy sessions are supervised by an experienced physiotherapist.

Prevention from surgery:

Good muscle tone and strength of your back and neck can help prevent the need for surgery. Using a variety of treatments that include a combination of exercises and therapies, it assists in the elimination of pain from the root, heals injured tissues and facilitates painless & smooth mobility over a period of time. In case you have already undergone surgery, physiotherapy can help you recuperate and recover faster.

Improved mobility & balance:

People who are recovering from a surgery or an injury, can take time to get back on their feet. Mobility can be a challenge and doing everyday chores can become an impossible task. In such cases, physiotherapy can prove to be of great help. It not only helps the body regain its lost muscle strength and improve coordination but also gains mobility to move around safely.

Avoid dependency on medicines:

While painkillers may provide instant relief from pain, the effect they can have on your kidneys and liver can prove to be fatal in the long run. Therefore, to address long-term pain issues, physiotherapy is considered to be a safe and more effective alternative to pain control medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Physiotherapy is one of the most successful ways to treat chronic neck pain and back pain. It helps in improving the flexibility and strength of neck muscles. Physiotherapy helps you manage the symptoms in a better manner this way.

Physical therapy combined with medications and the application of heat/ice can treat most types of back and neck pain successfully. Physical therapy can help heal the inflammation, strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility. Only in rare cases, you may need a spine injection or a minimally invasive spine surgery.

Yes. You can do neck exercises every day. In fact, daily neck stretches and exercises are recommended to improve posture and reduce the risk of neck pain returning or becoming worse.

You should not exercise if you have severe neck pain or weakness in your hands or arms. At the same time, resting for too long, usually, anything more than a couple of days will make it harder to get moving again. You should start applying ice packs or heat packs to see if the pain eases.

If it doesn’t after a few days of rest, you should consult your spine doctor.

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