Instant relief for low back pain at home

Pinched Nerve - 5 easy ways to get rid of pinched nerve. Mangattil Rajesh at Spine Surgeon london

Instant Back pain relief at Home

Most of us would like to have a backpain cured instantly at home wherever you are in whether in London or anywhere in the world. We do not have the luxury to take time off work or see best back spine specialist for advice. But today research shows that the longer the time of rest in bed the worst days for the recovering from back pain. It may actually delay your recovery.

My advice is to find a comfortable position and keep moving. In this way, your recovery will be much faster and you will be back in action very quickly. Even simple activities like gentle walking will help relax your muscles from the spasm and improve muscle flexibility. But, if the pain is severe then, lying down for a day or two will help control the pain much better.


Lumbar Disc Disc Prolapse - Bed Rest Initially with reduced activity will help manage Neck pain due to pinched nerve. Mangattil Rajesh at Spine Surgeon London


Stop physical activity only for a few days.

Bed rest for more than 3 days will not help you control the back pain.

Just a few days rest will help calm your low back pain and stiffness as more rest is bad for back pain.

This will give you the confidence and mindset to move around as the pain is well under control.

Lying for longer periods also causes a change in the shape of your spine. Your spine becomes more flat and it alters the way it functions. Some studies show that the size of your disc increases and there is a risk of disc prolapse. As the strength of the muscles of your spine that help you with your forward and backward movements reduces, your spine becomes less stable. This can lead to prolonged backpain.

Pinched Nerve - Apply Heat or Ice packs to manage your low back pain due to pinched nerve. Mangattil Rajesh at Spine Surgeon London


This helps control your symptoms. Some are comfortable with a hot water bottle as it helps muscles to relax.

But others find a cold compress useful as it reduces the inflammation.

Choose what you feel that is comfortable for you. Both methods give the same result.

Do not use them for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Cold compress is most helpful in the first 48 hours of back pain. It helps creative to achieve an area of numbness without burning the skin. This numbness helps you move your back as the pain is not felt during this time. Longer application of ice more than five minutes can cause skin burn.

After 48 hours, hot compress is more useful for your back pain. Make sure it does not burn your skin. It should be at the right temperature so that the heat goes down your muscles to give you a very soothing effect. Do not apply the hot compress for more than 15 to 20 minutes. There are two types of hot compress with 1) dry heat and 2) moist heat.

Take your time to find out the type of hot compress that works the best for you.

Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Medications help in managing Low Back Pain due to Pinched Nerve. Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon in London


Most of us try an anti-inflammatory gel or ointment that can be applied over the painful area.

This is a very safe practice and it also helps to massage the area gently to relieve the pain. It works directly all the skin and muscles. The side-effects are far less than oral medications.

The most commonly used over the counter pain medications are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Paracetamol and Neurofen (Brufen).

Your general practitioner usually prescribes naproxen which is considered to be a safer medication as it has lesser side-effects. A muscle relaxant like diazepam can also be added to reduce the muscle spasm, anxiety and help you relax and sleep better.

Sometimes NSAIDs and muscle relaxants may not be sufficient to control long-lasting and chronic backpain. In these patients an opioid or narcotic medication may be necessary. These are stronger medications that work on the brain cells with the risk of getting addicted or dependent on them. Examples are morphine tramadol and codeine.

If all this above medication does not work or if your pain is very severe, then corticosteroid injections can be considered. These injections are given into the space over the spinal-cord (Caudal Epidural Injection) or around the nerve roots of your spine (Nerve Root Injection) or into the facet joints (Facet Joint Injection).

Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Mild Stretches for your low back pain helps in pain control. Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon London


Mild stretches loosens your tense back muscles and strengthens other muscles to help you move.

It is a good idea to take each step gently as any stretches that causes pain can cause damage to the muscles.

These stretches need to be simple with gentle forward bending, backward bending and mild twisting within the limit of your pain.

Once you get used to it, regular stretching can ease your back pain effectively.

Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Improve your Posture to improve back pain Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon London


We all spend most of your time sitting down. This may be during eating, reading, watching TV or at work.

Your posture may be more harmful than you realise and contributes to making your low back pain worse.

Look carefully at your posture, pay a little attention and make sure that your back are lined up nicely in a straight line while standing, sitting and during all the activities of daily living.

5 Tips for Staying Active while when you have back pain

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