What is self-pay private healthcare in London?

Self-pay private healthcare is having a spine procedure that you are paying for. This is different from covering the cost of your back or neck pain treatment via an insurance policy or using NHS services.

Self-pay can be done on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is for a spine consultation, diagnostic imaging, treatment or surgical procedures. This option is available to you to cover the cost of the spine surgery by spreading the cost of the treatment.

Self-pay private healthcare enables you to have instant access to top quality treatment at your convenient time and place with your chosen Consultant Spine Surgeon in London.

Self Referral

I am a well recognised Consultant Spine Surgeon in London who is registered to provide expert care for patients with Back and Neck pain in London.

Different from Health Insurance policy treatment

Self-pay private healthcare treatment in London is more suitable for patients who need instant and reliable one-off treatment at your convenient time and place. Medical insurance health policy treatment on the other hand is for those who have a health condition that may require regular access to private healthcare.

Majority of private health insurance policies will not offer you cover for pre-existing conditions. There may be hidden costs like excess charges and clauses that will catch you out after the treatment was authorised.

Understanding your current financial situation and the type of healthcare you need is crucial, and I am  here to simplify it. My commitment is to provide transparency, accessibility, and personalised financial solutions, ensuring stress-free management of the costs associated with your back and neck pain treatments.


Pay-as-you-go healthcare advantages

You may wonder why you pay for your own healthcare. The NHS health service is overstretched with a long waiting list for access to treatment. This question is now more relevant than ever.

You will have instant access to high quality treatment at your convenience and the Consultant / Hospital of your choice.

GP referral for private treatment

There is no need for a referral from your NHS or private GP. However, it is better that you are referred to by your own GP as they have all your medical history, and the treatments you may have had so far. Details of the up to date results of any relevant scans and tests will be most helpful in planning your treatment.

You will still be eligible for NHS treatment for your neck / back pain if you decide to continue your treatment under the NHS. Similarly, if you had treatment for back and neck pain, you still can consider private treatment for the same condition.

Transparent Costs, No Surprises

Clear, upfront pricing for all spine treatments means you will never face hidden fees. I believe in empowering you with all the financial details upfront with our partners.

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Flexible Financing Options

We have partnerships with the largest and most experienced patient payment solutions company:

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Your Partner in Health

From the first consultation to the completion of your treatment, I am with you every step, ensuring a path to recovery that’s both medically sound and financially manageable. Let’s start this journey together and reclaim a life free from pain.