Back pain is a common condition. It can affect our lifestyle, career progression with loss of time at work. Don’t worry. Everyone understands this as 1 in 6 people in the UK are affected by back pain. We all  know of someone who suffers from back pain as it is so common. You can bounce back very quickly. Treatment for low back pain is very simple and straightforward in most cases. 

We are all different and our symptoms and the presentation is different in each one of us. Treatment of back pain though simple can be challenging too. But it is possible to get 100% relief from low back pain. Relax. There is a solution and we will explore those options together.

Back Pain Conditions Treated

London Back pain specialist Mr Rajesh understands back pain can be debilitating and prevent you from enjoying normal activities. Mr Rajesh is passionate about his patients experiencing the quality of life they’ve been missing out on for far too long because of their prolonged back pain. 

Spine Specialist Procedures

Table of Contents:

  • Back Pain Treatment begins with Diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis helps the search for cause of Back Pain
  • What are the options for Back Pain treatment in London
  • What is the Cost of Back Pain treatment in London
  • How do i know if my lower back pain is serious
  • How does spinal injections help in back pain treatment
  • Reduce back pain at home
  • Back Pain Exercises at Home
  • What our Clients say
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Mangattil Rajesh, Consultant Spine Surgeon in London

Mr. Mangattil Rajesh

Consultant Spine Surgeon
Royal London Hospital

I have your well-being and satisfaction at the heart of everything I do. My passion for spine surgery comes from the highest standards in British training with emphasis on attention to detail and obsession to your safety at all times. I take my time to listen and understand how back or neck pain affects your life and work.

Back Pain Treatment begins with a Diagnosis

The best treatment for back pain comes with a good diagnosis. We have to accurately assess patients to understand their exact symptoms and how it impacts their lives. Pain-free and confident life begins with a diagnosis of the problem. Let’s learn how to diagnose back pain.

Diagnosis is the most important first step

There is no treatment without a diagnosis and there are several stages in the diagnosis of back pain.

  • History
  • Clinical Examination
  • Blood Investigation
  • Imaging
  • Nerve Conduction Test

History: Your history of back pain starts with a very good story. Mr Rajesh carefully listens to your story of how your back pain started and progressed to the current state of pain. He will also be interested in the medications and the small adjustments that you may have tried to get relief from your back pain.

This gives Mr Rajesh a very clear idea of the problem and he will then be able to decide on the nature of the examination and the investigation that is required to study the cause of your back pain.

Clinical Examination: As guided and directed by the story of your back pain Mr Rajesh will decide on the type of examination that is required to assess the extent and severity of your back and leg pain. What he finds on the examination will give him a clue on the type of investigations that he needs to order for further information on your back pain.

Blood Investigation: Blood investigations are usually not required as a routine in the diagnosis of low back pain conditions. However if you have fever, loss of weight, loss of appetite or any other medical problems along with your back pain, then blood investigations will be necessary.

Imaging: We all think that an x-ray will be very useful to look at the bones of our spine. However, these x-rays cannot show the soft tissues around the bones of the spine and the nerves that are trapped in our spine. Therefore, we need an MRI scan to look at the nerves much more clearly to have a good idea of the cause of your back pain. 

CT scans can also be used but they carry a risk of high radiation. Whereas MRI scans do not have that risk of high radiation and they are very safe to be used in the diagnosis for the cause of your back pain.

Special Tests – Nerve Conduction Test: Nerve conduction tests are occasionally used if there is difficulty in identifying the exact cause of the back pain. Nerve conduction tests will only be recommended by Mr Rajesh to identify the spinal nerve causing your back and leg pain.

Remember the more accurate the diagnosis is, more successful will be the treatment for your back pain

Diagnosis is the search for cause of Back pain

After thoroughly assessing your individual requirements, Spine specialist Mr Rajesh devises the right pain management and treatment programs suited for you and your lifestyle. We can understand the severity of your back pain and its effects only after understanding the underlying causes. Sooner the problem is accurately identified the better. In this way, an effective back pain treatment plan can be started before lasting nerve/tissue damage occurs.

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What are the options for back pain treatment in London?

Experienced back pain specialist in London, Mr Rajesh, deeply understands the underlying causes for back pain and the various ways it affects the patient. Mr Rajesh creates a tailor-made multi-disciplinary back pain treatment plan specifically for each individual patient. Depending on the underlying cause of your back pain, Spine surgeon & consultant Mr Rajesh would suggest a back pain treatment plan involving one or more of the following:

Medication: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Muscle relaxants are also prescribed in some cases to treat muscle spasms and ease nerve-damage pain.

Physiotherapy & Exercises: Mr. Rajesh believes in treating most of the back pain issues through non-surgical ways such as lifestyle correction, exercises, and physiotherapy as part of his comprehensive slipped disc treatment in London

Non surgical treatment options for back pain treatment:  Mr Rajesh prescribes epidural, facet joint and sacroiliac joint injections for some cases to give immediate relief from acute back pain and to help heal your slipped disc faster. Spine specialist Mr Rajesh takes a multi-disciplinary approach to back pain treatment in London. He believes in treating and healing his back pain patients without surgery in most cases.

Surgical options for slipped disc treatment: However in some cases, if there is a herniated disc that is causing pressure on your nerves that might result in lasting back and leg pain, Mr Rajesh may suggest a Minimally Invasive Surgery procedure.

Mr Rajesh is a skilful practitioner of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures such as microdiscectomy.

You are in safe hands with Mr Rajesh when seeking surgical treatment for slipped disc in London. Mr Rajesh firmly believes in minimal tissue dissection, faster recovery and early return to normal life when it comes to surgical procedures.

You’re in safe hands!

Mr Mangattil Rajesh understands what it’s like to live with back pain and how it can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically. He is personable and approachable and believes in empowering his patients to live a pain-free life. As an experienced Spine surgeon & Consultant in London, Mr Rajesh’s approach is to help his patients with effective but minimally invasive treatments.

What is the cost of back pain treatment in London?

Depending on the underlying causes of your back pain, Spine consultant & surgeon in London, Mr Rajesh, will advise you on the best course of treatment for your back pain and help ease your pain completely. Specialist Spine consultant & surgeon Mr Rajesh offers affordable, competitive packages for Back pain treatment in London. Mr Rajesh accepts all Health Insurances for Back pain treatment in London.

Feel free to call us about any information regarding insurance.

Back pain treatment with Mr Rajesh offers you the ability to avoid long waiting lists or expensive insurance premiums and access treatment quickly and easily in London.

Mr Rajesh is committed to providing the highest quality of care throughout his patient’s back pain treatment in London. For back pain treatment in London, he offers a full range of services, from initial assessment and diagnosis to individualised treatment and rehabilitation plans.

How do I know if my lower back pain is serious?

Some back issues can cause pain in other parts of the body, depending on the nerves affected. The main symptom of back pain is an ache or pain anywhere in the back, and sometimes all the way down to the buttocks and legs. Most back pain often goes away without treatment, but if it occurs with any of the following features, people should consult a doctor without delay!

  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Back pain worse at night 
  • Pain down your legs
  • Worsening numbness
  • Loss of bladder and/or bowel control. 

Most back pain conditions can be treated effectively with medication, physical therapy and spinal injections. Only in very few cases, back pain treatment requires surgery. London spine surgeon Mr Rajesh skilfully performs Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures with minimal tissue dissection for faster recovery and early return to normal life.

How does spinal injections help in back pain treatment?

Spinal injections are safe and effective treatments for back pain that spreads from the spine into your leg. Spinal injections are administered into the outermost part of the spinal canal. Under X-Ray guidance, Spinal specialist Mr Rajesh would precisely inject a local anaesthetic to treat pain and a steroid to ease inflammation and reduce swelling around the trapped nerves in your spine.

As part of his comprehensive back pain treatment in London, back pain specialist Mr Rajesh offers a range of highly-specialised spinal injection treatments to address different types of back pain: 

Patients may feel some pressure during the injection but mostly the procedure is painless. Spinal injection for back pain treatment in London is done as a Day procedure, so you will not need to stay in hospital overnight. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes to complete. Mr Rajesh will give you specific post-care instructions to recover faster. 

Mr Mangattil Rajesh recommends physiotherapy after the spinal injection and will guide you with some mild exercises to get long term relief from back pain. A spinal injection can reduce pain for up to three months. However, it is usually a crucial part of his holistic back pain treatment programme. Mr Rajesh uses the injection to reduce the symptoms so that physiotherapy is more effective.

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Reduce Back pain at Home

These home remedies for back pain will give you much-needed relief during moments of pain.

Sciatica pain and how to manage them at home
Take bed Rest first for back pain


Stop physical activity only for a few days.

Bed rest for more than 3 days will not help you control the back pain.

Just a few days rest will help calm your low back pain and stiffness as more rest is bad for back pain.

This will give you the confidence and mindset to move around as the pain is well under control.

Pinched Nerve - Apply Heat or Ice packs to manage your low back pain due to pinched nerve. Mangattil Rajesh at Spine Surgeon London


This helps control your symptoms. Some are comfortable with a hot water bottle as it helps muscles to relax.

But others find a cold compress useful as it reduces the inflammation.

Choose what you feel that is comfortable for you. Both methods give the same result.

Do not use them for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Medications help in managing Low Back Pain due to Pinched Nerve. Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon in London


Most of us try an anti-inflammatory gel or ointment that can be applied over the painful area.

This is a very safe practice and it also helps to massage the area gently to relieve the pain. It works directly all the skin and muscles. The side-effects are far less than oral medications.

The most commonly used over the counter pain medications are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Paracetamol and Neurofen (Brufen).

Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Mild Stretches for your low back pain helps in pain control. Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon London


Mild stretches loosens your tense back muscles and strengthens other muscles to help you move.

It is a good idea to take each step gently as any stretches that causes pain can cause damage to the muscles.

These stretches need to be simple with gentle forward bending, backward bending and mild twisting within the limit of your pain.

Once you get used to it, regular stretching can ease your back pain effectively.

Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Improve your Posture to improve back pain Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon London


We all spend most of your time sitting down. This may be during eating, reading, watching TV or at work.

Your posture may be more harmful than you realise and contributes to making your low back pain worse.

Look carefully at your posture, pay a little attention and make sure that your back are lined up nicely in a straight line while standing, sitting and during all the activities of daily living.

Doing the above steps reduces the pain considerably and naturally for most cases of back pain. However, if your back pain is caused by any severe injury or some other underlying cause, the back pain might return soon. It’s always good to get a consultation with a Back pain specialist for long term relief. Fix an appointment with Specialist spine surgeon Mr Rajesh at 07956 318 383 and get a customised individual assessment for your back pain!

Back pain exercises at Home

Best exercises for Back pain relief recommended by Spine surgeon and Consultant Mr Mangattil Rajesh
Back pain Exercises at Home. Mangattil Rajesh Spine Surgeon London

London Spine surgeon and Consultant Mr Rajesh recommends these 6 quick stretches as the best exercises for Back pain relief in the comfort of your own home:


  1. Hamstring Stretch
  2. Cat and Camel pose
  3. Pelvic Bridge
  4. Partial Curl
  5. Extension Exercise
  6. Gluteal Stretch


Perform these stretches as per the instructions in the above image and you’ll feel an instant relief in your Back pain. These pain-relief exercises recommended by Mr Rajesh helps relieve the tension in your back and hamstring muscles, and also strengthens your core.

Remember to breathe in and out slowly and deeply during these back pain-relief exercises. Also, stop and slowly lower yourself to the floor whenever you feel any discomfort during the exercises.

As part of your comprehensive Back treatment plan, London Back pain specialist Mr Mangattil Rajesh will guide you with more specialised physiotherapy and exercises to get complete relief from Back pain. Call spine specialist Mr Rajesh at 07956 318 383 today, for your effective back treatment in London!

What our Clients Say

Mr Rajesh is an experienced Spine consultant & Surgeon in London. He is very personable and approachable. Back pain specialist & Surgeon Mr Rajesh has the care and wellbeing of his patients at the heart of everything he does. You can read of some of the London back pain specialist reviews for Mr Rajesh

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best home remedy for back pain?

These are some of the ways to manage lower back pain at home:

  • Rest well. Take a break from work.
  • Keep Moving. Gentle activity like walking is good for back pain relief.
  • Apply heat or cold packs on the lower back (and legs, if there is pain in the legs) .
  • Over the counter pain medication helps you give instant relief from back pain.
  • Simple exercises and stretching
  • Strengthening core abdominal muscles help relieve back pain.

2. How should I sleep with back pain?

Bad sleeping postures can aggravate your back pain.

  • Make sure to lay flat on your back while sleeping.
  • Place a small, rolled up towel under the small of your back for added support.
  • You may also place a pillow underneath your knees to keep your spine neutral.

3. Are spinal injections safe for back pain treatment?

Yes. Spinal injections are considered one of the safest options for pain management in the lower back and have been used for years. They provide excellent and instant pain relief. Physiotherapy after the spine injection helps to cure back and leg pain. There are different types of Spine injections to suit the nature of back and leg pain.

However, as with all minimally invasive procedures, there are small but extremely rare risks involved like bleeding or infection at the injection site, post-injection headache, etc.

4. When should I see a surgeon regarding my back pain?

Most Back pain gradually improves with home treatment and self-care, usually within a few weeks. Seek immediate attention if your back pain:

  • Causes new bowel or bladder problems.
  • Is accompanied by fever.
  • Follow an injury, blow to your back or other injury.
  • Spreads down one or both legs, especially if the pain extends below the knee.
  • Causes weakness, numbness or tingling in one or both legs.
  • Is accompanied by unexplained weight loss.

Try these Back pain exercises at home

We are all not motivated to get up from our chair and do these Back pain exercises. But these Back pain exercises are very easy to do. Try these exercises and let me know your experience and how it eased your back pain. Please let me know in the comment section below:

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